Institute for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality

Contemporary Spirituality

Connecting the contemporary quest for spirituality with the deep wells of Christian tradition, the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality (ISCS) was founded in the fall of 2013 to serve as an international center of study. ISCS responds to society’s spiritual hunger by providing a means for personal growth, achieving a fully integrated life and discovering or rediscovering a sense of vocation.

Spirituality-Based Programs

ISCS also offers spirituality-based programs, conferences, workshops and seminars for those working in secular professions, such as healthcare, social services, education, social justice and counseling.

Distinct Degrees

For scholars and people within academia, the ISCS offers three distinct degrees in the field of Contemporary Spirituality: Master of Arts in Spirituality, Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality and Ministry and PhD in Spirituality. It is the only concentrated, integrative program of its kind in the United States offering Association of Theological Schools-accredited PhD, DMin, and MA degrees in Contemporary Spirituality.